Commercial Real Estate Development

Mehak, Kelly & Associates Inc. specializes in providing the following services for the commercial real estate industry: development planning and construction management, tenant coordination, asset management, and due diligence. The expertise available in and through our organization assists owners through the planning and development process in constructing and renovating their properties, and ensures finished premises that are in keeping with owners’ expectations for a high quality project. In addition, our asset management services provide a tailored ongoing, preventative maintenance program to suit the finished project.

Development Planning & Construction Management

Our approach to each project comprises four phases, and begins with establishing a detailed program of requirements. This approach minimizes the many risks associated with development and ensures the client’s expectations are well satisfied.

The initial phase is predevelopment, during which we establish land acquisition, zoning, land use, municipal approvals, preliminary budgets and design requirements. Mehak, Kelly & Associates will assemble a team with the appropriate mix of skill and experience to ensure that project requirements are clearly identified and that the schedule and budget are accurately prepared, monitored and implemented. During the development phase, the project budget is finalized, working drawings are prepared, permits are secured and the project is tendered. The construction phase is closely monitored to avoid overruns and to ensure quality control. Mehak, Kelly & Associates excels in guiding project consultants and contractors toward successfully achieving a common goal – a high quality project delivered on time and on budget. During the completion and warranty phase, occupancy permits, warranty inspections, turnover to operations, and the final budget are completed.

Asset Management

A well-planned capital conservation program is essential to successful property management. After preparing a detailed building audit, a series of programs are established to suit the client’s long-term capital conservation requirements and budget. This program addresses building structure, roofing, electrical and heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and parking lots. Annual inspections and a planned conservation program will ensure that the need for unexpected, major repairs is minimized.

Tenant Coordination

The need for specialized tenant coordination services in leasing programs is often overlooked or under-estimated. Successfully completing a lease relies strongly on a professional tenant coordination system that provides the following benefits: rent commencing on time; a coordinated design of the unit that meets the expectations of both the retail centre and the consumer; protecting the integrity of mechanical, electrical and structural building systems; and minimally disrupting existing tenants, consumers and centre management. Mehak, Kelly & Associates offers an integrated tenant coordination service, comprising the following:

      • providing tenants with available information required for the design of their premises
      • working with tenants to ensure they understand relevant design criteria;
        reviewing and commenting on tenant design proposals and confirming that all required information is included
      • submitting required approvals and notifications prior to commencing tenant construction
      • inspecting (as required) tenant work in progress and, at completion, ensuring the landlord’s standards and lease requirements have been met
      • tracking and processing financial matters related to tenant construction
      • maintaining records of tenant work including files of as-built plans.

Building Evaluation Services

Building evaluation services are typically required to prepare asset management plans or to undertake due diligence as a critical step in closing commercial buildings acquisitions.

Our documented building evaluation services include on-site inspections of all aspects of building conditions: structural, architectural, building envelope, roofing, mechanical/electrical, and potential environmental concerns. The completion of this exercise will determine the strengths and weaknesses of the building and identify potential concerns about financial impacts. The inspection will also establish the capital repairs that may be required over the building’s typical life span, providing the information needed to prepare a capital conservation program.

We have an established team of professionals, with the skills and expertise to complete the due diligence process using procedures proven over the last 30 years.