Project Planning

Mehak, Kelly & Associates offers a range of project planning services to ensure that the purpose, scope and design of your project are clearly defined, and so reflected in terms of reference or requests for proposals. We are also well positioned to assemble a highly qualified team of professionals to meet your specific project requirements.

Establishing Project Scope And Design

At the outset of your project, you may need to confirm your purpose, and the work required to achieve it. There may be considerations such as work already completed that does not need to be duplicated, the need to dovetail your project with that of another department or organization, or your desire to first investigate your interest at a fairly high level before deciding to commit resources to more detailed work. Based on your purpose or goal, we can help you determine the project tasks that need to be completed and the best way to accomplish these in a cost-effective manner.

Preparing Terms of Reference

When you prepare terms of reference for a project, you are specifying the product/outcome. The more specific you can be in your terms, the more likely it is you will receive proposals or bids that meet or exceed your needs and expectations. We can help you prepare clear, comprehensive terms of reference to ensure that the resulting proposals or bids respond in an equally clear manner, and can be objectively compared on their value against your project budget.

Assembling a Project Team

Some projects cross a number of disciplines and so require a cohesive, multi-disciplinary team. Even small projects often require the expertise of several professional disciplines. Over the years, we have built good working relationships with many qualified experts across Canada in the areas of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, land use, urban design, construction, finance, environment, marketing, and statistical research. We can assemble a solid, highly competent team comprising the required expertise for your project.