Pathways to Recreation Ontario

Learning about Ontario's Accessibility Standard for the Design of Public Spaces
Sport, Recreation & Culture Services Planning
About This Project

Through a publication launched early in 2014, Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO) is supporting owners and operators of recreation facilities playgrounds, parks and trails in complying with the requirements of the Accessibility Standard for the Design of Public Spaces (DOPS). In addition to raising awareness regarding the benefits of accessible recreation, this project produced a webinar and a guidebook for service providers. MKA was one of guidebook’s authors, and participated in the webinar. As Project Coordinator, MKA was also responsible for: contributing to an overall project plan and related components; coordinating the project schedule and activities related to deliverables; ensuring appropriate sectors of the community were represented in the process; research on promising practices; and reporting on project status. She also co-presented the Guidebook at the 2014 PRO Educational Forum and Tradeshow.