Township of South Glengarry Age-friendly Community Plan

Planning for Aging Population
About This Project

This plan will enable the Community Services Department, as part of a community-wide collaboration, to improve recreation opportunities for older adults (residents 55+ years of age), and to enhance communication with residents about these services. It produced 27 action-oriented recommendations framed by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) eight dimensions of community life, which were supported by a partnership framework, and direction on evaluating implementation.


The project included background research specific to the community’s older adult population, and targeted consultation to produce a community needs assessment to identify gaps or deficiencies in recreation services. Consultation with residents and service providers/community groups included public health, service clubs, programming/activity providers, faith-based organizations, and social services. The plan includes a Vision and principles supported by rationale that provide it with grounded relevance and clarify all stakeholders’ contributions to service provision – the municipality, volunteers, and non-municipal actors.